Examination Tips

  1. Importance of Examination – Don’t take exams lightly

  2. Feed two years for MBA, it will feed you for lifetime. Don’t study for time pass.

  3. Some students have secure financial background, work experience, well established business, no ambition, etc and they will encourage you not to study. Your friends are like buttons of elevator; they can either take you up or bring you down. So be careful before making friends. Being alone is good rather than being in bad company. So don’t get carried away by your friends’ deceptions.

  4. Remember your syllabus very well

  5. Understand the subject heading such as “Accounting For Management”. Ask yourself questions such as “why am I studying this subject in MBA?” “What is its use?” Ask similar questions about all subjects that you will study

  6. Every subject you study in MBA is very important and useful in understanding next semester’s subjects

  7. No MBA subject can be read from only one text book. You require minimum 3 text books. You will never understand the true meaning of concepts or subject if you follow Model paper. If you want knowledge, which will help you in future then please read from the text book.

  8. Discard your model paper and use textbooks. Many times numerical solutions in model paper are incorrect.

  9. It is always good to start preparing for the semester from the day one itself. Next time start early.

  10. Prepare well for exam so that you will not worry about how strict or loose is the invigilator or examination center

How to write exams?

  1. Understand questions which are asked. Many people make mistake of not understanding the question and write answers which are not related to the questions. So, match your answer to the question asked. Read the question at least five times, and then starts writing answer.

  2. Attempt all questions

  3. Write neatly in readable handwriting. Keep in mind that evaluator has to understand your handwriting and give you marks based on what you write. If he is unable to read what you are writing, then the whole effort of studying and writing exam will go in vain

  4. Quality always matters, and is given more weightage than quantity. Quality along with quantity will definitely fetch you more marks. Length of answer should be   

    Essay 12 marks     : Min. 3½ to Max. 5 sides of answer sheet

    Short 4 marks       : Min. 1½ to Max. 2½ side of answer sheet

Note: One page has two sides. Answer sheet consists of 16 pages i.e., 32 sides. Student can take maximum of two additional only. One additional sheet will have 4 sides.                                                


  1. Give good examples to explain the concepts wherever possible.

  2. Explanation of concept is very important. If you write more examples and fail to explain the concept then it is not good. Use of more diagrams while explaining concept will also fetch you more marks. Nevertheless, examples are also important part of your answer

  3. Include latest information (current affairs) related to business and management in your answers.

  4. Write short conclusion and end the answer. Write legibly and don’t waste paper by drawing wide unnecessary margins

  5. Time management is very very important. Allocate 30 minutes for each Essay Answer (12 Marks) and 6 minutes for each Short Answers (5 Marks). 30 minutes X 5 answers = 2 hours 30 minutes; 6 minutes X 5 answers = 30 minutes. Total = 3 Hours. This means you have to arrive at Examination center before time so that you will not waste time in filling basic information (Hall Ticket No., Name of Examination, Subject, etc.)

  6. Try to attempt all questions. Never leave any question unanswered

  7. Don’t mug up the concepts or answer. Try to understand it and write in your own words. Make your paper interesting for evaluator. He/She should learn new things about business management from your paper. This will only happen when you incorporate latest information on business and management. For this, you need to read regularly business newspapers, business magazines, journals, use internet effectively, and watch India Business Hour on CNBC TV18 channel

  8. Aim to score 85%, at least you will end up scoring somewhere between 65% to 75%

  9. If you are not finding material/notes for any subject then go to books.google.com and search the content in relevant text books available online.


  1. Before you can win, you have to believe you are worth.

  2. Work hard to get what you like or you will be forced to like what you get

  3. If you seek the pearls you must dive below


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