FMS/FSS- Important Questions-MBA II Sem-OU


New Syllabus MBA II SEM CBCS 2016

Important Questions for Financial Markets and Services II SEM CBCS 2016 Password is 78692fMsmRB22017

FMS/FSS NOTES  are provided below

The following are brief notes for Financial Markets and Services (FMS)/ Financial System and Services (FSS). For detail material read the suggested textbooks.

1. Financial System and Services – (Password  is MRBfss)

2. Merchant Banking – (Password  is MRBmb)

3.Hire Purchase – (Password  is MRBhp)

4. Leasing – (Password  is MRBl)

5. Mutual Fund – (Password  is MRBmf)

6. Factoring – (Password  is MRBf)

7. Venture Capital – Private Equity – (Password  is MRBvc)

8. Credit Rating – (Password  is MRBcr)

9. Insurance – (Password  is MRBi)

Best Books

1. Financial Services by Gurusamy or Merchant Banking and Financial Services by Gurusamy  

2. Khan.M.Y., 2006, Financial Services, 3rd edition, TMH, New Delhi-8

3. Gordon and Natarajan, 2006, Financial Markets and Services, 3rd edition, Himalaya publishing House, Mumbai.

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