On this page you will find MBA material for various subjects. Kindly download the material and save in your hard-disk. These web-links might stop working any time.


Management and Organizational Behaviour

Managerial Economics

Accounts for Managers

Business Environment and Law

Research Methodology

Financial Management

Human Resource Management

Business Research Methods

Marketing Management –Part I

Marketing Management- Part II

Strategic Management-Part I

Strategic Management –Part II

Operations Management- Part I

Operations Management-Part II




Consumer Behaviour

Marketing Research

Industrial Marketing

Logistics Supply Chain Management

Retail Marketing


Service management

Advertising and Sales Promotion

Customer-Relationship Management

Global Marketing



Strategic Financial Management

Banking and Indian Financial System

Merchant Banking and Financial Services

Project Management

Accounting management

Investment Portfolio Management

Global Financial Management

International Trade and Finance

 Security Market Operations




Human Resource Development

Performance Management

Knowledge Management

Industrial Relations Management

Employee Legislation




Human Resource Information System

Global HR Practices



International business environment

Management of MNC

International business laws

Global Marketing Management

EXIM financing and documentation

Global-financial-markets & instrument


Cross-cultural-Business Management

International logistics management




Management control systemt

Entrepreneurship Management

Services Marketing

Information Technology and E-Business

International Business Finance

Training and development



Tourism Principles and Practice

Tourism Products of India

Destination Planning & Management

Eco tourism

Air Fares and Airline Management

Travel Agency and Tour Operations Management

Event Management

Customer Relationship and Services





Retail Branding and Strategy

Store Location, Design & Visual Merchandising 

Retail Planning and Retail Issues

Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Retail Marketing

Retail Shoppers’ Behaviour

Retail Sales Techniques & Promotion

Retail Information System and E-Retailing

Global Competitiveness and Retailing


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  1. Vittal
    Submitted on 2012/01/06 at 12:03
    Please provide me imp questions for 1st sem Financial Accounts……Im having supple dis month…Please do dis needful…Thanks…..

    Submitted on 2012/01/04 at 07:14
    as-salamualikum sir
    can u plz frwrd notes of second semister
    Submitted on 2012/01/03 at 15:10
    give me imp question’s in III semester
    submitted on 2011/12/29 at 07:45
    asslamulikum sir plz i want THE IMP QUESTION IF,OD,IM

    Mohd Rayeesuddin
    Submitted on 2011/12/28 at 16:57
    assalamu alaikum sir thank u very much for providing the link for mba 3rd semester important questions.sir could please provide the link for theory notes of 3rd semester.bcz i dnt want to go with spectrums .plz sir thank u.very much.

    Mohd Rayeesuddin
    Submitted on 2011/12/27 at 17:00
    sir i am not getting the important questions for mba 3rd sem.i have to prepare my self please give me reply thanku very much.
    Submitted on 2012/01/04 at 10:59
    could you send me 3rd sem important questions

    Submitted on 2010/05/20 at 06:28
    when are the 4th semester exams we wasted all time in doing project we dont have time right now please help us out sir we dont even know the topics in our subjects how can we do problematic from investment management no one taught us anything sir

  2. asklm can u plz update the imp ques of iv sem as per 2011-2012 syllabus and plz consider the talent and knowledge management paper also

  3. Please send me HR notes of major and minor subjects of fourth semester of OU…i..e.. Performance management and Talent and knowledge management. Also, CRM notes of marketing minor. Thanking you in advance.

  4. assalamu aly kum!!!!
    its really a g8t to have ur important question..its really helpful to us. and we appreciate for the same..we had been utilizing ur material and imp-qustn.. and by blessings of ALLAH we r standing here..

    and our request(on behalf of ur blog follower) plz release the mba 4th sem and their is a slight change in chapter of FRM(3,4,5) and plz give ann elective important so that no one may perish…..
    may allah bless u bhai… jazakallah…

  5. mba
    :–> F.R.M
    :–>Banking and insurance

  6. As salamu alaikum (May peace and blessings be upon you)

    Could you update 2nd semester important questionnaire (OU) as per 2011-2012 syllabus?

    Jazakallah Qair.

  7. As salamu alaikum Sir…….

    Could you please update the imp ques of MBA IV sem as soon as possible.

    As exams time is very near plz


  8. Sir,

    I request you to kindly update the imp ques of MBA IV sem as soon as possible.

    Uma Sharma

  9. yahan per maujood links open nahi ho rahen hain,, error kaisa open karna sir please help i want video lecture and notes…

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