IB – Important Questions – II Semester MBA-OU


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  • Watching 3 idiots is made mandatory  for students in few Chinese Universities.
  • Rajnikanth’s Enthiran (Robot) was dubbed in Japanese language.
  • Ek tha Tiger, Chennai Express & 3 idiots earned substantial revenues from international market
  • Ega (Telugu Movie) was nominated for Oscar Awards.
  • The smart phones manufactured by Samsung, a South Korean company are used by millions across the globe.
  • Indian movies and songs are hit in Arab nations, S.Korea, & South America
  • McDonald’s World’s biggest restaurant at Olympic 2012
  • America’s KFC has become famous in India and China in very less span of time
  • McDonald’s Russian outlet is largest in the world
  • Facebook has millions of user across the globe. To know more read this FACEBOOK GLOBAL MARKET MONITOR

All above examples clearly illustrate the growth of international business. Think Global Act Local is the mantra. The world of business have seen drastic growth in the international activities. The countries that never thought of entering international markets in last 30 years suddenly started evaluating prospects of going global. The expansion in Information Technology, coupled with infrastructure growth and economic reforms has helped international business reach new heights.

Today, world has become global village. The businesses are going across the borders and making their presence felt in the foreign countries.International Monetary Fund provides statistics on Imports and Exports by various countries. Access this data to know which country has higher exports and imports (http://www.imf.org/external/data.htm).

Many organisations are earning their substantial revenue from international markets. It is very essential for a student of business management to understand the nuances of international operations.

This subject educates you on various aspects of international business. As the subject of International business has wider scope, one cannot understand the subject only by reading the concepts provided in the syllabus.

The subjects touches on the various concepts. But it is you who have to dwell deep into the subject to acquire knowledge. The syllabus gives you on 10% of knowledge about international business. For remaining 90%, you have to closely look at the business activities of the Fortune 500 companies. Going beyond subject and beyond syllabus will help you learn more about this vitally important and very interesting subject.  

Everyday in business newspaper a lot of interesting articles related to international business are published. Try to read them and connect them to your subject.

This subject is a theory paper. You can score more in this subject provided you write more practical examples. Read more case studies on international business to secure good marks.

  • To sit in the company of pious people is better than doing good and to sit in the company of evil (immoral) people is worse than doing evil. 

  • The body that has defect in it’s spirit will never become sweet (even) if you smear it with honey. 

  • Conceal your good deeds as you conceal your evil deeds.

  • Guard your tongue from self-praise as you guard it from sins.


One of the best books on international business is Rakesh Mohanh Joshi, “International Business”, 2009, Oxford University Press. This is an excellent book that covers almost all concepts of international business supported by plethora of research articles. The beauty of this book is that it covers all concepts in detail and supports the explanation with statistics. This books is must for knowledge hungry students. In this book’s chapter 19, page 807, Unit – IV of OU MBA syllabus – International Business is covered.

An excellent and my favourite book for international business is Alan Rugman and Simon Collinson, International Business, Pearson Education, 6th Edition, 2012. The beauty if this book is the cases it covers. In no text book you will find the cases that you find in this book. The book is must read for students for getting the real sense of international business. Few topics of Unit-I of syllabus are covered in this book. You can search for syllabus contents in this book. I am sure you will find much information in this book.   

Another good book with simple and concise examples is John D. Daniels & Lee H. Radebaugh, “International Business”, 2006, Pearson Education. This book explains concepts with simple practical examples. Many concepts of IB syllabus are covered in this book.

New Syllabus CBCS-2016

Important Questions for International Business II SEM CBCS-2016 Password is 78692IBmRb22017


Old Syllabus (MBA III SEM)

Important Questions for International Business Password is MrBTQMibMC112016

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