MC – Important Questions – III Semester MBA-OU


The interaction between living things is only possible through communication. Every living species communicates in their own way, humans are no exception.

Many have argued that to communicate, one must possess excellent command over a particular language. At the same time, many have believed that communication takes place even without language. Both the views are right as well as wrong subject to certain conditions.

When you are driving your vehicle, it is very important to inform other commuters regarding which side you are heading. If you are on the left track of the road and you need to take right turn after 100 meters. Then you have to put on your right indicator, so that other commuters will be made aware that you are going to take right turn and they will not be any untoward incident.

Many misunderstandings between brothers, sisters, In-laws, husband & wife, parent & child, buyer and seller, etc.,  are result of poor communication.

It is essential to use all our senses to acquire knowledge. Researchers have found that we learn much through listening. If we are able to understand what the other person is speaking, in the same way he understand it, then it is said to be communication. If we are unable to understand want he intends to communicate, then it is not termed as communication.  

When a police men shows us hand to stop the vehicle, we aptly understand what he intends to communicate. Though no words were used, still communication happened. Same is the case with using indicators of vehicle.

Communication has a greater impact in our personal as well as our professional life. It is imperative that we communicate rightly at the right time for the right purpose. If our communication is ambiguous, then it can be more troublesome.

All the business contracts and their terms and conditions have one common thread, i.e. Communication. For any organisation’s well-being, well being of communication is vital.

Advertisements are best means of communicating prospective customers regarding the features and benefits of products.


  • There are many good books for the subject Managerial Communication. Earlier, this subject’s name was Business Communication. The only change that we see in the new syllabus is in Unit – V. Apart from that all topics are same. For the Unit I to Unit IV of current syllabus the good book will be of Lesikar, R.V. and M.E. Flatley, “Basic Business Communication”, 2008 11th Ed. New York, McGraw-Hill.
  • For Unit V of this syllabus the best book is of Paul A Argenti, “Strategic Corporate Communications”, Tata McGraw Hill. This book covers in detail all concepts of Unit V.


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