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The following are the important questions MBA OU I Semester according to MBA-CBCS -OU-2016 Syllabus. All files are password protected. Kindly enter the right password to open the document.



“Important Questions provided here are not Guess Papers. The questions cover whole syllabus. Important topics of syllabus are covered in essay & others in short. These questions might be asked or might NOT be asked in the examination. We are not responsible if the same questions are not asked in the examination. Kindly do not depend on these questions completely and do not expect all questions to appear in examination. Depend on these questions at your own risk. The important questions will not change every year not even for backlog. They will change only if syllabus changes. Very important questions are highlighted as BOLD.”







Previous Question Papers – MBA I SEM







Important questions for other subjects are being updated and will be uploaded soon





1.Old-syllabus-2010 Management Organisation Behaviour Password is 786mRbMOb2013
2. Old-syllabus-2010 Managerial Economics Password is 786mRbmE2013
3. Old-syllabus-2010 Marketing Management Password is 786mRbpOM2013
4. Old-syllabus-2010 Financial Accounting and Analysis Password is 786mRbAfm2013
5. Old-syllabus-2010 Statistics For Management Password is 786mRbsFm2013
6. Old-syllabus-2010 Business Laws and Environment Password is 786mRbLaB2013
7. Old-syllabus-2010 Information Technology Applications for Business Password is 786mRbiT2013


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  1. Hello. ! Could you please help me if we study only the theory part for Financial accounting is it sufficient to score 65% for the subject??Cause I’m from Bi.p.c field and have no knowledge about this subject.!please help me.! Awaiting reply!

    • Learning accounting basics is very important. In every question you will get an option of theory, but more than theory you can score in practical problems. If you learn Final Accounts perfectly then it would be very easy for you to solve Ratio Analysis and Fund/Cash Flow problems…I recommend you to dedicate some time and learn final accounts perfectly.

      Remember, Many students in prestigious Indian Institute of Management (IIMs) are from IIT. They know only very little of accounting. They don’t give up accounts they are from non commerce background. They will dedicate time and practice more. You will be surprised many of them will choose career in finance. That means nothing is impossible. Its your attitude and aptitude that matters. Just believe in your self and take your shot.

      Learning golden rules of accounting – Personal, Real & Nominal in order to solve Journal entries. whoever fails to learn golden rules of accounting will struggle in Journal, ledger and trail balance.

      In numerical problems of accounting, if your answer is wrong then also you are given marks. The marks are in proportion with the number of right steps or entries (proforma) that you have written. You also have 20 marks theory for short answers….

      Hope I have answered the question……If you have further questions then feel free to contact..It took time to reply as I was busy


  2. i want to you provide na important question of MBA 1st sem is it enough to get passing marks i want to know that it sir please reply sir iam waiting ur reply

  3. sir i want to know that any exam will cancel or not becauase my friends are they one of the exam will be cancel any chances are there they

    • There is no reason for exams to be cancelled as of now. The exam or exams will be postponed only if any Telangana related issue flares up. As far as Telangana Bill is discussed we can’t say what will be outcome.

      Do your preparation for exams and do not worry about whether exams will be postponed or not..anyways you will write the subject now and may be after some time.

      Anyways, the exams will be in afternoon you will have lot of time to get news regarding postponement.

  4. Gd evng sir!By learning these questions can we get a pass marks and a good percentage????????????? Is it enough to learn only these questions?????????? plz sir help me out

    • If you closely look at questions you will notice that the important questions actually covers complete syllabus. If you prepare according to these questions and write you exams well then no one can stop you from scoring minimum 65%.

      Kindly do not expect the external exam questions to be same as provided in important questions. The language will be different, but the concept will be same. For instance, “Discuss the need, scope and importance of Managerial Economics” can be asked as “Managerial Economics assists managers in taking effective decisions” Eluciadate.

      In both the questions you have to write same answer. Hope I have answered the question. you can ask if still you have any other doubt.

  5. sir i ask to u to passing marks to get enough these important question you provide your site then you tell na sir 60 to 65 % but in MOB is coming from important question is 70 to 75 percent sir thanks

  6. sir my cousin sister is in the MBA 4th semester sir she wants the MBA important question and the subject is MBA finance sir please provide sir important question and thank you sir you provide MBA 1st semester important question. please also provide MBA 4th semester important question and she select the Finance in the MBA 2nd year i am waiting your reply sir.

  7. Wen evr i try to open 1sem important questions of mba.. It gives a password afta giving dat password also it shows error.. Please help me out to open dis important questions

    • As important questions are prepared according to syllabus, there is no need to change the questions every year. If syllabus changes then important questions will also change.

      This means the important questions available on our site can be used by you for your examinations starting 17 Jan

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