In the past one decade we have seen stupendous growth in the field of information technology. The information technology have brought about many changes in the human lifestyle. The things which were not in existence in last  two decades sudden became part of our life.

Technology makes our life comfortable. There are advantages as well as disadvantages for everything and technology is not an exception. Earlier, we used to make documents on typewriter and corrected the same by retyping or using whitener. Today that has become passee’. Similar was the case with telephone numbers, we used to have telephone diaries. Now all numbers are saved in our phones. The launch of smart-phones has brought us in contact with the new world of information – Internet on phone. The usage of internet on phone was very limited before the launch of smartphones. Suddenly, the yesterday’s PC or desktop became outdated as everything – Youtube, Whatsapp, BBM, Skype, Viber, Picasa, is now available in a smart phones by default.

The development of various softwares have changed the way businesses used to operate. The weekly report and monthly reports are now part of history. Today, a shop floor manager receives more than 100 updates in a day regarding performance of business via Whatapps .

It is a known fact that many Indian students are still unable to use computers. They don’t know how to make email ID and how to type a letter in Ms. Word. The practical lab of this subject (IT) gives students an opportunity to learn and hone their Ms.Office skills as all documents and reports are made on Ms. Office. The students who are working will be more comfortable using Ms.Office functions. But who are not working and have no knowledge, they have to tighten their belts.


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  2. Thank u so much sir to help us by providing imp questions. Kindly help us in 2nd semester, m unable to get the imp questions of 2nd sem.

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