This is a scoring subject. If you practice few problems then you can score good marks, which will increase your overall percentage. Many students will be uncomfortable with this subject and they feel as if this subject is very very tough, which is not true. Without statistics, marketing research, and operation research businesses cannot operate. Today or tomorrow you have study this subject. When in business you cannot do away with this subject.It is better to study today when you have an opportunity rather than studying later.

Attempting practical problem will fetch you more marks than writing theory.If you are not comfortable with problematic part of SFM then you should be ready with theory as back up. You should work hard on the short questions of two marks. You can easily score 12 marks from Section A of short questions. In Section B’s unit 1 question, you should attempt theory. You could easily score 8 marks if you write good answer. Then you should learn & attempt 5th unit’s practical question of regression or correlation, which is very easy to answer. This way you can score 12 marks in unit V. Your total score of external will be (12+8+12) = 32+ 18 (Internal) = 50. If you follow my plan you will not only pass but will also score 50%. You will still have other 3 units to score more. Prepare well to score good marks, do not think of re writing exam.

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