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The following are important questions for MBA IV Sem (CBCS) according to MBA 2016 CBCS Syllabus w.e.f 2016.


401. Strategic Management – Password is mRbSM


402 . Business Intelligence Password is mrBbI


403. Supply Chain Management – Password is MRbscM


404 -1. Investment Management – Password is mrbIM


404 -2. Consumer Behaviour – Password is MRBcB


404 -3. Performance Management- Password is mrbPm


405-1. Banking and Insurance – Password is MrbBaIn


405-2. Services & Global Marketing – Password is MRbSgM


405-3.Talent & Knowledge Management – Password is MrBTkm


The following are important questions for MBA IV Sem according to OLD MBA 2010 Syllabus w.e.f 2010.


The following are the important questions for MBA IV Sem (OU)

1. Strategic Management 2016 Version – Password is 78692BpmRB22016

2. Supply Chain Management 2016 Version – Password is 78692LMmrB22016

Previous Questions Papers – IV SEM

3. Entrepreneurial Development 2016 Version – Password is 78692eDMRb22016


4. Financial Risk Management 2016 Version Password is 78692sFDmRB22016

5. Banking and Insurance 2016 Version
 Password is 78692RBiMrB22016

6. Financial Services and Systems 2016 Version Password is 78692FsSmRB22016


 7. Performance Management 2016 Version Password is 78692pMMRb22016

8. Labour Laws and Employee Relations 2016 Version Password is 78692irLlmrB22016

9. Talent and Knowledge Management 2016 Version Password is 78692mCkIMRb22016

tuition-chan-bhaiya-29-01-201711. Services and Global Marketing 2016 Version Password is 78692SgmMrB22016

10. Consumer Behaviour 2016 Version Password is 78692CBmrB22016

12. Customer Relationship Management 2016 Version Password is 78692CrMMrB22016

13. E-Businesss 2016 Version Password is 78692EcMRB22016

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  1. thank you sir as you provided mba 4 sem imprnt .. i would more happpie if you keep remaining subjects also i dowloaded only 3 subjects ..waiting for remaining .. thank you sir

  2. Sir
    Iam From MBA IVSem Regular. Not CBCS
    For me where i want to download the syllabus Copy or Important question

  3. Hii sir
    Please share JNTUH MBA 4th semester
    Important questions sir…….
    4th semester exams will be held on June 20th 2020……..

    Deepak Thota

  4. Sir can you please upload or provide OU MBA 4th semester 2020 important questions specifically on Investment management subject.

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