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Human Resource (HR) is the most important resource of an organisation. Managing human resource is a daunting task for all organisations. Different humans behave and think differently. It is this diverse attribute of humans that makes human resource management very complex.

Reading about various concepts of HR is very easy. But practically managing humans and getting work done through them is the most tedious job. 

Organizing a small college function such as Fresher’s party or Farewell party seems very easy task but it becomes impossible if there is misunderstanding and lack of co-ordination among the organizers. Getting other classmates involved in organizing event is also very difficult. Many students will not contribute in these parties, but they will be present on time for lunch.  At the end, when the funds are exhausted, the organizers are compelled to contribute double than their share. Collecting money from other students and dividing work suddenly becomes impossible. As no one is ready to take responsibility.

It is mandatory for every organisation, whether profit oriented or Non-profit, Public or Private, Govt. or Non-Govt. to build an efficient human resource management system.

This subject mainly focuses on the challenges and importance of HRM in the backdrop of constantly changing global environment.  The syllabus covers all important aspects of HRM such as Manpower planning, Career planning, Job Analysis, Recruitment and Selection, Training and Development, Performance Appraisal, Quality of Work Life, Grievance management, HR Outsourcing, International HRM and HR Scorecard.

Referring good text books will definitely help students in gaining valuable knowledge. Apart from text books, reading good journals will also benefit students.

Books for HRM

1.Laurie Mullins, “Management and Organisation Behaviour”, FT Prentice  Hall.

2. Michael Armstrong, “Human Resource Management”, 2010, Kogan Page.

3. Decenzo, “Human Resource Management”, 2008, Wiley.

4. Mamoria,”Personnel Management”,HPH

New Syllabus CBCS-2016

Important Questions for Human Resource Management – MBA II Sem CBCS 2016 Password is 78692HrMmRB22017


Old Syllabus

Important Questions for Human Resource Management Password is 78692HrMmRB22016

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