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Operations management has witnessed stupendous growth in the past decade. Many organizations recognized operations function as competitive weapon that enables them to gain competitive advantage. Whether an organization is manufacturing, service or hybrid, Operations is its core function.

The trend of business education is rapidly changing. The business schools have introduced those specializations that are highly demanded by the corporate. Traditional electives or specializations such as Marketing, Finance, HR are taking a back seat compared to the newly launched specializations/electives such as Operations Management, Project Management, Supply Chain management, International Business, Strategy, etc. The companies coming for campus placements in the world’s renowned business schools are preferring students who have opted Operations management as their major elective or specialization.

Operations Management (O.M) is the primary activity of every organization and it is interrelated with all other functions of the organization. The process of converting inputs into outputs is known as operations. 

From this subject three practical problems are expected.The problems are usually from Sequencing, Statistical Control Charts, and Inventory Management (EOQ or ABC Analysis). Sparingly problems from works method or motion study are asked. From every unit of this subject a theory questions is asked, this means that even if you write only theory in operations management you will pass this subject. But your aim for this semester should be to score as much as possible. Because, in other other semesters it is difficult to score more marks as practical subjects are very less.

The Unit I and Unit IV are completely theory. From Unit II problems on sequencing will be asked. From Unit III Problems on Statistical Quality Control (SQC) i.e Control Charts will be asked. Where as from Unit V, Problems on EOQ or ABC analysis will be asked. 

Those students who opt for marketing and HR elective, for them there will be no practical problems in next semester. If anyone with Marketing and HR major opts Finance minor, then only in third semester he will study practical paper such as SMA or IF.

The practical problems in operations management are very simple. If you practice for only three days you can solve all problem. But it all depends on how well you practice. When the problem are very simple and you have an opportunity to score more marks then why not bank on it. Stop burning time by doing nothing, start studying and build future.

Those students who are working, for them this subject will be very interesting as they can write their company’s operations as examples. They can write about what activities are performed by their company, how the operations are performed, how quality is managed, what quality management systems are at place, and how the customers are satisfied?

Everyday in business newspaper we read about various operational decision of companies. If we follow closely the business newspapers, then we can learn a lot about operations management.

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1. Operations Management By Nigel Slack, Stuart Chambers, Robert Johnston is the best book

2. Production and Operations Management  by Everett E. Adam,Ronald J. Ebert is good book.

3. Operations Management by Krajewski and Ritzman is also another good book.  The book Operations management by  Krajewski, Ritzman and Malhotra is also available in the market. But this books is not that much good compared to the earlier book written only by Krajewski and Ritzman. From two book you can any one which is available in your library

4. Operations Management by Russel Taylor

5. Operations Management by Stevenson

6. Operations Management by Aswathappa (Indian Author)

Important Question According to MBA (CBCS) – New Syllabus (2016)

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Important Question According to Old Syllabus (2010)

Important Questions for Operations Management Password is 78692pOmMrB22016

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