OR – Important Questions – MBA III SEM-OU


Operations Research (OR) is one of the important subjects in III Semester. If you study this subject with utmost dedication, and practice the numerical problems very well then you can score good marks. This subject also gives sleepless nights to many students. Those students who neglect this subject and take it lightly will certainly feel the pinch.

Every day, business encounters plethora of issues that demand right decision at the right time. Operations Research enables executives and managers in making right decisions. Perfection in this subject will certainly help you immensely in running business successfully.

Last year, many students of various OU affiliated colleges could not clear this subject. In few colleges, more than 80 per cent of the students failed in O.R. 

Stitch in time saves nine

Out of all subjects of III semester, first priority should be given to O.R. Do not hesitate to take extra assistance from the faculty handling this subject. If possible go for tuition and solve more problems. Solve all previous question papers to increase your confidence. If combine studies gives you good results then act immediately and start combined studies.

Do not follow model papers for solving practical problems. Incomplete solutions or wrong steps are common in model papers, which will confuse many students. To your surprise, the concept that you have learned after putting lot of efforts will suddenly become new due to wrong solutions of model paper.

Kindly use standard text books that have more illustrations and solved problem. If the books are not available at your college library or if your borrowing limit of books at college library is over, then you can take text books on rent at Koti. If not, you can purchase second hand books at Sunday market (only on Sundays) at Abids or Koti. Here you will get some good books at less than 50 per cent of its original price. If it is feasible, then you can also think of becoming individual member of British Library (Opp. Secretariat, near Lumbini Park, Sarovar Hotel Building, in MediCiti Hospital Complex. For more go to google maps). Many business schools are already Institutional members of British Library. You can also read books on Google Books

Allot time to practice different units and complete each unit in its allotted time. Remember, in this semester you have four practical subjects. The more you practice, the more perfect you will become and the more perfect you become the more confident you will be, enabling you to excel and score more.

Books for Operations Research

For step by step explanation of concepts refer J.K. Sharma, “Operations Research Theory and Applications 2009, 4th Ed. Macmillan. The book is also available online for reference at below link http://books.google.co.in/books?id=1EZxJHO32swC&printsec=frontcover&dq=sd+sharma+operations+research&hl=en&sa=X&ei=8JvSUfyFF4bUrQey5oD4Ag&redir_esc=y#v=onepage&q=sd%20sharma%20operations%20research&f=false

Operations Research by S.D. Sharma is another good book that is usually used by Osmania University  for setting questions papers


MBA III Sem (CBCS-2016 Syllabus w.e.f from Sept 2016

Important Questions for Operations Research Password is mRbQt122018




Important Questions for Operations Research Password is 78692oRmRb22016


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