Start up Management- Important Questions-II sem MBA


This subject’s name in earlier syllabus was Entrepreneurship Development (ED), which was in IV Semester as a common paper. The content of the subject in all units are same as E.D.

Startup management focuses on developing the entrepreneurial skills of management students. As the whole country is under the influence of start up wave, the university might have thought to come-up with a subject that would enable business students to become entrepreneurs.

Whether ED or Startup management, the syllabus covers all necessary topics that a budding entrepreneur should know.

The book that gives you plethoro of knowledge and helps you become a successful entrepreneur is “Entrepreneurship by Robert D. Hisrich”

The books that cover majority of syllabus is “S.S. Khanka, “Entrepreneurial Development”, 2007, S. Chand & Co. Ltd.”

Important Questions for StartUp Management II SEM CBCS 2016 Password is 78692SupMrb22017


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