RM – Important Questions-MBA II Sem-OU


Retail is one of the booming sector. According to various research reports, Indian Retail Market is going to register explosive growth in the next 5 to 10 years. Organized Retail industry is creating lot of jobs. The expansion strategy of big players such as Reliance Retail is changing the landscape of retailing. The dwindling IT industry is scaring youngsters to even dream about career in IT industry. So there is a shift in the mindset of youth.

The stupendous growth of information technology coupled with state-of-the-art infrastructure (transportation, supply chain, power supply, roads, etc) and growing purchasing power of consumers is enabling the retailing industry to register explosive growth. Rural market is the real market for all retailers.

There is a drastic shift in the strategy of big retailers, these players are shifted their focus from the metros and buzzing cities to rural India. Where many products are at the nascent stage of product life cycle which is increasing the bottom line of these retailers.

E-commerce or e-tailing is one of the biggest threat and competitor to brick and motor or mom and pop retail store. Nevertheless, many consumers still love strolling in retail mall to get real experience than strolling  online.

You can plan your career in Retail Industry. There are plenty of job opportunities in every level of retail market. The early you enter into retail market, the better. Every day, one or the other retail store is being established and these retail stores cannot function without right workforce.

The opportunities for women in retail sector are also plenty. The exclusive Women stores such as Women’s World, Health & Glow, Jewelry shops, etc,. are in need of young & dynamic females with MBA degree.

We are not too far from witnessing exclusive Women Retail Stores & exclusive Women Shopping Malls. Retail industry is very promising area do not ignore it.

New Syllabus MBA II SEM CBCS 2016

Important Questions for Retail Management II SEM CBCS 2016 Password is 78692MrBrM22017

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