EEP-Important Questions-MBA II SEM-OU


Economic Environment and Policy was common paper according to MBA Syllabus (2002 to 2007). According to MBA Syllabus (2007 to 2010) this subject was replaced with Business Environment. When the MBA syllabus was changed in 2010 (MBA 2010 to 2015), this subject was removed from the syllabus. In New MBA Syllabus (CBCS – 2016), the old subject name of 2002 syllabus was brought back i.e.”Economic Environment & Policy”, but the content of 2002 EEP was replaced with 2007’s Business Environment. In short, the syllabus content of EEP 2016 is a mixture of EEP of 2002 and Business Environment of 2007.

The irony of new MBA-CBCS 2016 syllabus is that the content of almost 40% of subject is repeating in other subject. There is more over lapping of contents. For example,

In Strategic Management Accounting-SMA (MBA II SEM), Unit I the concept of Marginal costing, cost classification, BEP & CVP analysis were overlapping with Unit-V of Accounting For Management (AFM-MBA I SEM).

The concept of National Income was already covered in Managerial Economics -MBA I Sem. The same concept is repeated in Unit I of EEP (MBA II Sem)

Primary market, Secondary market , etc is in FMS as well as EEP of MBA II Sem.

Anyways, this subject is very essential for every business students. Understanding of business environment is vital for every firm. A business cannot exist in isolation. The environmental factors helps organisations make effective decisions.

Important Questions for Economic Environment and Policy – MBA II Sem CBCS Password is 78692EePMrB22017

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