BLE- Assignment – 2017-19 Batch


  1. The Assignment should be neatly written in student’s own handwriting. No print outs will be accepted.
  2. Assignment should be of minimum 5 pages (10 sides).There is no limit on maximum no. of pages. Write on both sides of the paper
    1. Business Profile  – 1 Page or 2 Sides (Minimum)
    2. Code of Conduct – 2 Pages or 4 Sides (Minimum)
    3. CSR – 2 Pages or 4 Sides (Minimum)
  3. If the required information is not available in the Annual Report then within 3 days you should inform the same to the faculty and request him to assign you another company.
  4. Students should extract the information only from latest annual report of the company available at the company’s official website.
  5. The Annual Report is available at the company’s official website
    1. Go to the company’s official website
    2. Click on the Investor Relation or Investor or Financial Information icon on the website
    3. Look up for latest annual report. For the purpose of assignment Quarterly or Half yearly reports or financial statements cannot be used.
    4. Download Annual Report – All Annual Reports usually will be in PDF format.
    5. As Annual Report will be 100+ pages, it would be tiring to read the whole document. For saving time kindly use CTRL + F, to find specific information in the Annual Report.
    6. If you want to search Code of Conduct of the company in annual report, then press CTRL + F, and in the search box type Code of Conduct. Hopefully you will find the information.


The Assignment should be submitted on or before Monday, 20th November’2017, the assignment submitted within 2 days after due date i.e. 20th November’2017 will get 50% less marks. No assignment will be accepted after 22nd  November ’2017

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