E-Business – Important Questions – MBA III SEM-OU


E-business is reality of business world today. Advancement of Information Communication Technology (ICT) has completely transformed the business landscape.  Every organization whether profit or non profit, and government or non government has understood the significance of ICT.

The advent of Smartphones and plummeting internet cost due to price competition among internet service providers have drastically changed the way organizations operate.

In order to compete and survive in technological advanced environment it becomes imperative for businesses, governments and individuals to understand the nuances of E-business & E-Commerce. Especially a student of business should get in sync with the advancement in ICT to have a successful career.


Important Question According to MBA (CBCS) – New Syllabus (2016)

Important questions for E-Business Password is mRbeB122018

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  2. Hi Team, Could you please provide latest information for the Dec 2018 CBCS Osmania 3rd sem questions.
    And what happen to Business Analyst? No one haven’t mentioned anything about this subject.

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