The following are Important Questions for FM, IB, and FMS internal examination. You will be asked to answer five questions with internal choice. Read all questions to score more. Attempt all questions. ALL THE BEST.




  1. Write a note on i) Risk adjusted Discount Rate, ii) Certainty Equivalents,  Beta Coefficient, iii) Sensitivity Analysis

  2. Explain the various sources of finance and the financial instruments through which the finance can be raised.

  3. Briefly discuss various theories of capital structure. Explain the concept and financial effects of leverages.

  4. What is cost of capital? Discuss the concept of average cost of capital and marginal cost of capital. Discuss the measurement of cost of capital.

  5. Explain the concept and characteristics of Working Capital? Discuss the factors determining the WC and how WC requirement is estimated?

  6. Discuss the management and financing of current assets with special emphasis on Cash management, Receivables management, and Inventory management. What are the bank norms for short term bank finance?

  7. Discuss the major dividend valuation theories centered on the works of Gordon, Walter and Lintner. Write a brief note on dividend policies of Indian companies


  1. Problem on calculation of the Degree of Operating, Financial and Combined Leverages

  2. Problem on calculation MPS using Gordon & Walter’s model of dividend

  3. Problem on computation of weighted average cost of capital based on book values as well as market values.

  4. Problem on EOQ- Quantity Discount (What should the firm do if the supplier offers discount)



Section B ( Ht No. 91 to 180)

  1. Explain various global market entry strategies – licensing, franchising, contract manufacturing, assembly and integrated local manufacturing.

  2. Discuss the concept and types of Strategic Alliance. How strategic alliance partner is selected managed and sustained?

  3. Explain the electronic processing of international trade documents and policy frame work for global e-business

  4. Discuss the conceptual framework of e-business and pre-requisite for effective e-business transactions.

  5. Briefly explain intercultural communication dimensions of international business

  6. What are E-enabled business process transformation and challenges? Discuss E-business technology and environment

  7. Discuss in detail the inter-cultural human resource management in global context

  8. Write a note on i) E-Business applications ii) E-Business Models iii) Alternative E-Business strategies

  9. What is global strategic planning? What are the approaches to formulating and implementing global strategy?

  10. Bring out the need for cost and benefit analysis of entry strategies. What is entry strategy analysis and configuration?




  1. Write a note on Indian Securities Market. Briefly discuss Primary market, Secondary market, & its products and participants

  2. Define and explain the significance of IPO. Discuss the process, stages, & SEBI guidelines relating to new issue management.

  3. Discuss the contribution of Derivates market to Indian Securities Market. Write a note on derivatives reforms & research.

  4. Discuss the factoring scenarios in India with special emphasis on recommendations of Kalyan Sundaram Committee.

  5. Write a note on Credit rating agencies in India and their performance. Explain the dimensions of credit rating methodology and process.

  6. Discuss the concept and evolution of Merchant Banking in India. Write a note on SEBI (MB )Regulation 1992

  7. Explain the concept and utility of credit rating. Explain different types of rating along with symbols of rating and grades

  8. Explain the concept and characteristics of Hire purchase. How is it different from leasing and installment method?

  9. Discuss characteristics & types of insurance. What are Requirements of an insurable risk?

  10. Explain the recent trends in insurance sector in India support your answers with various journal/Magazine & news articles

  11. Explain the evolution, concept, classification, & rationale of leasing. Discuss funding & regulatory aspects of leasing industry in India.

  12. Distinguish between factoring and bill discounting concept, process, and legal aspects.

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