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TQM – Important Questions – II Semester MBA-OU


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Quality was neglected for many years. The businesses never considered quality to be important. But in 1970s, the rise of Japanese automobile companies such as Toyota and Honda is attributed to Quality. The Japanese companies emphasized more on Quality and this enabled them to rule the U.S automobile industry.

Thereafter, many companies started realizing the importance of quality. It did not took Quality much time to become mantra of almost all organisations. Quality became competitive weapon with which businesses gained advantage over their competitor.

Today, the concept of quality cannot be ignored. Every product that we purchase and use has to fulfill certain quality standards. If the quality of any product is not up to the mark then there is no return on the money invested. The customer will not purchase that product again and he will not recommend that product to others.

Total Quality Management is about overall improvement of all functions of an organisation. According to British Standards Institution TQM is “A management philosophy and company practices that aim to harness the human and material resources of an organization in the most effective way to achieve the objectives of the organization.”

Earlier, the TQM external paper was completely theory and since  2 years simple practical questions are being asked in examination. It would be wise for students to practice simple TQM problems to score more. Much marks can be secured as you can write many examples on quality and quality management.

Try to open Annual Reports of any ten Fortune 500 companies. Search for quality related information. These can become your examples in examination.

  • A student who learns half-heartedly and ungratefully can never succeed. A student who is humble and weak often reaches his goal. 
  • Greed and faith can never co-exist in the human heart.
  • The honour of man is his learning. Wise people are the torches, lighting the path of truth. In knowledge lies man’s opportunity for immortality. While man may die, wisdom lives eternally. 


The following are considered to be few best books on TQM. There is lot of material for TQM on internet, which can be used by the students

1. Mukherjee, P N, “Total Quality Management”, 2007, PHI.

2. John S. Oakland, TQM- With Text and Cases, 3rd Edition, 2013, Butterworth-Heinemann

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