DSS – Important Questions – MBA II SEM-OU


Information is required by almost all organisations for making effective decisions. Executives and Managers should get the right information for make right decisions. Whatever decisions we take in our life are based on the information that we have. For instance, if you want to study MBA then you have to obtain relevant information such as how many MBA colleges are there in Hyderabad, which college is good, what is the fee structure, what are the timings, how far the college is from your room or home, what is the admission procedure, How can I take admission without ICET, How is the infrastructure of the college, how is the faculty and what is the past and present student’s view regarding the college.

Once you collect the relevant information then only you can make a decision. Many times, the information is not available or plenty of information is available. In both situations decision making is hampered.

Decision Support System provides relevant information to managers for taking right decisions at the right time. The managers and executives cannot waste time in reading 10 or 20 reports of 100 pages each. Decision Support System is information technology based system that stores the relevant data to be used by middle level and top level individuals.

Earlier a similar subject, namely, Management Information System was there in OU MBA Syllabus from 2002 to 2006. This subject DSS is an advanced level of MIS. 

Today there is no dearth of information. But sometimes plethora of information is also a big problem  in making quick decision. For instance, an individual suffering from high fever visits doctor to find the cure. When the doctor hands over the prescription, the patient who is highly education and internet savvy will not head towards the drug store to purchase medicines. Rather, he will first go to Google. He is curious to find out why doctor gave me this tablet (not Samsung) . What happened to me, to whom this drug is usually prescribed, whether I should take it or not, what are the side effects, etc.

There is so much information available online, but the patient seldom understands what information is relevant for him and what is not. Sometimes, he also reads irrelevant information. He reads every page on fever and assumes that he is suffering from big ailment and the doctor is keeping him in dark. All websites clearly say that when your doctor has prescribed you this drug then he might have outweighed the side effects. This simply means that the benefit of this drug is more than the side effects. By reading irrelevant information anxiety level of patient skyrockets and taking decision will become difficult. 

This means that both plethora of information and lack of information both will hamper decision making. To avoid this, only limited, relevant and very vital information is provided by Decision Support System to the mangers and executives so that they can take quick decisions without wasting time in reading the acquired information.  

For this subject, you just have to understand the concept and represent it in your own words. I am sure you will learn more and earn more marks. You use text books and see how your knowledge increases.

Important Question According to MBA (CBCS) – New Syllabus (2016)

Important Questions for  Decision Support System- Password is mRbdSs122018


Books for DSS

The following  are good books covering majority of syllabus

  • Efrem G. Mallach, “Decision Support and Data Warehouse Systems”, Tata McGraw Hill Edition.
  • Efraim Turban, Jay E. Aronson, Teng-Peng Liang, Ramesh Sharda, “Decision Support and Business Intelligence”, Eighth Edition, Pearson LPE.

Important Questions for Decision Support System Password is 78692dSsmRB22016

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